2016 Album

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Birdland Records, Red Eye Records and Repressed Records

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Monday to Friday is a new work commissioned by Linda Beaumont for Beaumont Care residences in Brisbane, Queensland. Monday to Friday was composed for installation, with the intention of being listened to at various times of day.

Music by Cyrus Meurant

Sally Walker: flute and alto flute
Alexandrhu-Mihai Bota: viola
Alison Pratt: vibraphone
Clemens Leske: piano



2015 Album

CDs available from:

Repressed Records and Secrets of Giza

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Secrets of Giza

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Meurant presents two extended original compositions on his new album, SEUL, released by Secrets of Giza.
SEUL will receive a limited release on December 16, 2014 with a worldwide release following on January 5, 2015.

Cyrus has composed extensively for over a decade, and his work for the theatre and dance has been performed globally. SEUL features some of his most elemental and personal music to date.